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Copying, Faxing & Lamination Services

Services available during our normal business hours.


Black and white copies are $.20 per page & $.40 for double sided.  If you provide your own paper, copies are $.10 per page & $.20 for double sided.


Sending a fax - $1.50 for the first page and $.50 for each additional page.

Receiving a fax at the library - $.20 per page. Please call the library at 515-859-3820 before you send the fax.

Our fax number is 515-859-3919.


Scanning services are offered through our self-serve printer/scanner station.  There is no cost to scan to your personal email or flash drive.


Must call ahead to schedule appointment or leave at library to be completed within three (3) business days.  Must complete "Agreement for Service" form and sign "Waiver of Responsibility" in case the item is damaged in the laminating process.  

Items may not be more than 27 inches wide and not more than 1/32 inch thick.  A minimum fee of $1.00 will be charged for the first 12 inches of laminating film ued.  Cost for laminating items longer than 12 inches will be figured at $.10 for each additional inch (including the waste film at the beginning and end).